Hello and happy new year to every one! I truly hope this years bring every one there deepest desires! Here’s an update, Valeria is about to get a third draft, and hopefully will be on schedule for a fall release. The Tale of the Order of the Samurai, is in the middle of a second draft and is coming along nicely! Cover will be available soon!


I posted this on Instagram and Twitter but i have to share this. Love this picture.

Happy Halloween from freddy, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Dick Cavett.


And one last thing, here is the cover for Valeria the next chapter in the Rosecroft Chronicles saga. Out next year


Happy Halloween to everyone! I’d like to say thank you to all the fans out there who made 2019 New York Comic Con a success i had new people coming by and returning readers and let me tell you. There’s nothing more gratifying than returning fans telling you how much they loved your book and the positive impact it made on them! And for all the trick or treaters out there stay safe and watch out for the tricks!


Hey! Just released is the Priscilla Roletti series in one volume with three new short stories! On amazon now! Print is $24.99 and the kindle edition is 9.99. You wont find a better deal than that!!


Pythagoras Vs. Quinn

Another fine piece by Sean Strafford



Happy New Year to everyone! I hope the new year has been good!

Releasing this year, will be The Complete Priscilla Roletti Series This will collect Vol. 1 through 5 of the series and it will be an amazon ebook exclusive. There will be print copies as well. Cover is below!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Here’s two new covers for you!


Here’s the cover for my latest book. Releasing some time this year.

Three mercenaries who couldn’t be any more different are uniquely the same, in their quest for redemption, greed and survival.

Jacob Ross, a former SEAL, living in peaceful obscurity, finds himself in the fight of his life with a bounty on his head, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shawn Webster, former SEAL, and con man, is down on his luck and will do whatever it takes to turn his life around even if it means betraying his former compatriot and collecting the bounty himself.

Zara Kadar, a Somali mercenary sniper, forced into this life, is haunted by her first kill and will stop at nothing to collect the bounty and put to rest the ghost of her past.

With a vengeful mob boss, and a crooked cop, thrown into the mix, anything goes in this three way gambit to the death.

The only question remains is who will win the Mercenaries Gambit?


Here’s two more awesome pieces

Ravyn and her sword


I have some really awesome concept art based off the Rosecroft Chronicles. Valeria and Ravyn are finalized while the head shot of Quinn is as well. But the full body shot is a concept. I’m planning on having prints for New York comic con. These awesome pieces were done by Mya! Here is her Instagram link



Hello! I’m terrible with my updates I admit that. And I’m sorry for that. Here are a few updates. I’m preparing for comic con, the Mercenaries Gambit is set to come out that week as well. I’ll post a final of the cover. Hopefully in the new few weeks I’ll have chapter samples.


new York comic con was awesome! I posted some pretty good cosplay pics on Facebook. The fan were really awesome this year! Hopefully for next years con, I’ll have some new stuff and maybe finally my new book, ‘The Ties that Bind’ I’ve been saying for the last three years I’ll be out but hopefully next year it will! #newyorkcomiccon #facebook

9/18/2017 New York Comic Con is almost here! i’ll be at #1167 come on down and say hi! i’ll be giving away a copy of my screenplay Rosecroft with any purchase of a book!

9/18/2017 I have physical books up on amazon for $10. Unfortunately i wanted them to be a little cheaper but it wasn’t possible. Enjoy!

Angelina Marin and the Eye of Amun-Ra, was one of the fastest books i wrote, and with that came a lot of mistakes. This was a book written in grief, something i will get further into when i reintroduce it. But at least for now, enjoy it while it’s still up.

The first story of Rosecroft Chronicles has been adapted into my first screenplay titled Rosecroft. I posted it on amazon and smashwords


My newest book Rosecroft Chronicles available on all Ebook formats. RosecroftCrest copy 3

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