Releasing: July 7th, 2020

Immigrant, Friend, Wife, Mother. 

Valeria Rosecroft, mother of Ravyn Rosecroft and friend to Quinn Bradshaw, the Last Samurai, was a self sacrificer. She would always be remembered for her acts of good will and kindness. Valeria would never forgo her responsibility, even in the face of her inevitable death at the hands of Zaran the Vampire King. 
Born Valeria Romanowski, she was a Polish immigrant. Who from the ashes of a family tragedy came to America to start a new life, only to be thrust into the spotlight by causes both moral and personal. Which would lead her to help someone perceived as an enemy and the other a lost soul. And through those events she would grow into the woman known as Valeria Rosecroft.

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The Dark Stalkers

Hello folks! Hope you are well! I’ve been busy writing The Dark Stalkers, it’s part of the Rosecroft Chronicles cannon but, can be read pretty much by anyone without having to read any of the other books. It takes place during ww2, here’s a chapter! Enjoy! And remember, there will be errors etc!

Angelina Marin was a total failure…but now is ready for her spotlight

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve been keeping safe in 2020! Angelina Marin and the Eye of Amun Ra is finally done! I completely  rewrote the entire book! I posted in April that I would post the Foreword well here it is! Book one of the Angelina Marin series should be dropping AGAIN this summer! Foreword … Continue reading Angelina Marin was a total failure…but now is ready for her spotlight

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