Rosecroft Chronicles Series

‘Never forgo your moral responsibility.’ Those are the words Valeria Rosecroft lived and died by, leaving behind two children in the wake of her death by the hands of the Vampire King Zaran. Now raised in a society that can be both harsh and cruel, Ravyn Rosecroft, Valeria’s daughter walks between the blurred lines of fantasy and reality, while trying to find her place in a world that is rapidly changing around her. Angry, alone and still trying to control the powers she was born with, she remains one of the few that can stand up to the evil that threatens the world. But will she, overcome her personal demons and live up to her family’s name? That is the answer only Ravyn knows…
Quinn Bradshaw is the last of the Order of the 100. The first outsider to ever hold the title of Master Samurai. But who is Quinn? And how did a homeless child from the streets of Brooklyn ascend to such a high honor, and become one of the greatest swordsmen the world has ever known? While his past was briefly spoken of, it was never fully explored until now. From his life changing encounter with Hiroshi, to the mean streets of Las Vegas, and back to the far East. Quinn will be met with challenges few could overcome, further solidifying his legend as the Black Samurai.
Immigrant, Friend, Wife, Mother.
Valeria Rosecroft, mother of Ravyn Rosecroft and friend to Quinn Bradshaw, the Last Samurai, was a self sacrificer. She would always be remembered for her acts of good will and kindness. Valeria would never forgo her responsibility, even in the face of her inevitable death at the hands of Zaran the Vampire King. Born Valeria Romanowski, she was a Polish immigrant. Who from the ashes of a family tragedy came to America to start a new life, only to be thrust into the spotlight by causes both moral and personal. Which would lead her to help someone perceived as an enemy and the other a lost soul. And through those events she would grow into the woman known as Valeria Rosecroft.
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