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‘Never forgo your moral responsibility.’ Those are the words Valeria Rosecroft lived and died by, leaving behind two children in the wake of her death by the hands of the Vampire King Zaran.
Now raised in a society that can be both harsh and cruel, Ravyn Rosecroft, Valeria’s daughter walks between the blurred lines of fantasy and reality, while trying to find her place in a world that is rapidly changing around her. Angry, alone and still trying to control the powers she was born with, she remains one of the few that can stand up to the evil that threatens the world. But will she, overcome her personal demons and live up to her family’s name? That is the answer only Ravyn knows…

In the 21st century the Nazis rule. Under the iron boot of the Third Reich, nations crumbled. Religions, cultures and races other than what was deemed suitable by the Master Race, ceased to exist in this dystopian world that rose from the ashes of the war.  With hope seamlessly gone, the remnants of the American resistance discover something no one ever thought possible…what if the Nazis altered time? What if the Allies won? With the mounting evidence, and the plans of a Time Machine they risk it all to find out in one last effort to win back humanity! With the fight of the future lost, the past is where the future will be won!

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Priscilla Roletti is a top Government agent for a covert organization known as “Shadow Ops”. Her life is a juggling act; professionally she is a ruthless death-defying secret agent, while personally, she tries to live up to the responsibility of a single mom raising two kids alone. Her two hands could snap a human neck, and yet, gently care for a wound on her child’s forehead. She is the woman next door, attending “back to School Night” and doing weekend taxi service for her daughter and her friends. As dysfunctional as her family life may be now, it dwarfs in comparison to her own upbringing. Despite her imperfections she is proud of the woman she has become. And on the job however, this woman is ruthlessly cold and calculated. Her success has earned her the reputation of one of the best agents at Shadow Ops.

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The blonde is back… and back with a vengeance, Priscilla Roletti has a new mission and this one could be her last. Carmine Christie a newly acquired “government witness” has information that could turn the terrorist world on its ear. Roletti’s job is to drive him cross country from California to New York, and get him there in one piece. However the people that want Christie dead have retained a posse of highly trained assassins in a winner take all bounty. With danger at every turn Roletti is forced to trust her instincts and training and of not knowing who to count on and where her next deadly obstacle is coming from.

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Priscilla Roletti is about to confront her greatest challenge yet…. After a successful mission in Columbia that involved the assassination of a highly guarded drug lord, Priscilla’s reconnaissance uncovered, something out of the ordinary, cloning materials were being smuggled into the country by the feared drug lord, to a hospital in Pennsylvania. Based on her background in the medical field and her nearly flawless track record. John Derlin sent her undercover to see what was really going on. The highly respected agent needs all her training and even a bit of luck to survive this one ….because not only must she stop the scientist Hans Goring from succeeding in replacing key figures of the Government she is reunited with the villainous “pair” Trish and Omar for the final conflict to the end.

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The beginning of the end is upon Priscilla Roletti….. Who is about to have her life turned upside down. Her deadly past comes back to haunt her as she chases one ghost… and is pursued by another just as deadly. Hans Goring, has resurfaced in Venezuela and is calling out to any and all bidders for something that will radically change the landscape of how troop warfare is conducted. Priscilla, who is tasked to stop him, is more than eager to settle the score from their last encounter. But while on this mission many revelations are made, with more questions raised. Including the possibility that she was set up…With a long list of enemies both known and unknown it could be anyone, including someone close to her, leaving her with no one to trust but herself……

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Retribution has come….. Thrust into her final mission which comes extremely close to the life she covets, the stakes have never been higher for Priscilla Roletti. With the arrest of John Derlin and a relentless enemy, she will be put to the test like never before as she takes the fight to the mysterious Benefactor and the bounty hunters gunning for her. Can Priscilla protect the ones she loves? Can she prevent her enemies from succeeding in their plans? Or has Priscilla’s luck finally run out?

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The American frontier….a simple, yet unforgiving time where fortunes can be changed by the pull of a trigger, where brutality is mistaken for law and compassion is for the weak. Janice “Redd” would understand this better than anyone… after she helplessly watched her family gunned down by a posse of riders, thrusting her into the unknown. She would never forget that day despite how hard she tried. Like some distant nightmare, all she wanted to do was put it behind her until the hands of fate interceded, uprooting her once again. She learns that the very man responsible for her family’s murder is rich and powerful, and about to make a deal with the government that will exonerate him of his past crimes. Now with the help of her mysterious companion, Mingan, a ‘blind Indian’ they embark on a dangerous journey as each seeks vindication from their dark pasts.