Mike Declemente hails from Long Island, New York, though he is often mistaken for a native of Brooklyn. He comes from a mixed Italian, German, and Polish family with deep ties to the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn which has resulted in a distinctly Brooklynesque accent and attitude.

    As a child, he daydreamed of far off places and stories. Growing up in the 1980s, some of his greatest influences were films such as: Jaws, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and Big Trouble in Little China; just to name a few.

   Life never seemed to stop moving, having no ‘formal’ education, Mike Declemente is self taught in the art of creative writing. Each work is a labor of love and dedication to sharing a story.

It wasn’t until his late twenties he started to dabble in writing.  His first novel, “The Unseen” was originally supposed to be a one book story, but as the story was written far too many new ideas for one book were born, and the rest is history.

Currently residing in Queens, New York,  Mike spends his free time doing photography, playing video games, mostly PS4 and classic Nintendo games.