Rosecroft Chronicles Vol. 2 out now on Amazon!

Ten years have passed since the Vampiric Apocalypse rocked the world, with new and dangerous threats constantly emerging, the world is on edge. But things are about to get worse. New York City is under siege, people are disappearing in droves every day. The city known for never sleeping was slowly becoming a ghost town, … Continue reading Rosecroft Chronicles Vol. 2 out now on Amazon!

Guyanese girl out now!

Guyanese girl in transition, is out now! On kindle and iBooks. Also there are two print copies. One is full color, and the other is the typical black and white. I wanted color for the photos inside. But it’s also expensive, hence why I did a black and white version. Which is only $8.00. The … Continue reading Guyanese girl out now!

New book inbound. Sept 2021 #newbooks #samurai #rosecroft #shinobi #declemente

Back For almost a thousand years the Samurai have been protectors, and keepers of the peace.Selflessly going wherever needed, be it in Japan and the outlying regions or beyond its borders into strange and unknown places.The history of the Order is vast, with good and bad stories to be told, here are five stand outtales.Ryo, … Continue reading New book inbound. Sept 2021 #newbooks #samurai #rosecroft #shinobi #declemente