Final Fantasy Seiko Watch

Hey everyone! I wanna give a PSA about the Final Fantasy Spirits Within watch that Seiko made in 2001. There’s hardly anything on the web about this piece and I wanna share with you the facts. One, the watch battery is a size CR2025. Two, the LCD can be repaired or replaced by Seiko just go to, and follow what it says. It’s so simple. It’ll take about two weeks and mine cost $113.00 shipped. Also the band size is 18mm in case anyone wants to change bands. Third the instructions …holy shit I had a hard time finding them, but I stumbled upon them, on someone’s YouTube channel, he had the link and boom I got it. I will post them. And Lastly PLEASE do not fall for the bull shit that this watch is a ‘collectors’ item. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $300-$350 MAX and that’s only if its mint, with the watch needing no repair at all.The clowns on eBay will have you thinking that. Truth be told, this watch was part of a promotion for the film. The film flopped, and the watch…left much to be desired, because even though it says, it’s based off the watch in the movie it looks nothing like it. Mind you also, this movie came out at a time when RPG’s were just catching on with a mainstream gaming crowd. So now in 2020, hardly anyone if at all knows about this. The only ones that do, would be people in the industry and life long Final Fantasy fans, and I’m sure a few in between. Nevertheless this watch was released at a time, when RPG’s meant something. Not this bullshit that’s released now. I do hope one day for the return of the golden age of RPG’s. But in the mean time, at least Nintendo hasn’t lost their way…happy gaming!

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