Thank you George!

I now understand George….

Not that my work is anywhere near the caliber of Star Wars nor will it ever define a generation and influence pop culture the way it has.

No, but in relation, I understand how you get when making your movies and then years later looking back and saying ‘hmm’ hence why I’m doing a ‘Lucas’ with Angelina Marin and the eye of Amun-Ra. This series was supposed to be my passing of the torch at the time. From Priscilla, to Ang. Mixing both worlds while a good idea also proved to be sticky in regards to story. I could have left it alone and carried on. But I won’t and didn’t, that would just be lazy writing. And so I am basically rewriting the entire Angelina book 1. I think once done,

it will be a better story. Not to say the original wasn’t good, it was just a different time, a different frame of mind. Do here’s to you Mr. Lucas, thanks even though I hate your remastered versions of the Star Wars movies! Lol

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