Apple and the squandered opportunity to bring the cable and internet providers to their knees…

With all the talk about the net neutrality vote coming up in December, I figured I’d share my thoughts on a very disappointing and pretty much foolish move on one of my favorite company’s ….Apple.

Since their inception they have poineered personal tech from the computer, to the phone with hardy a failure although they have had them, every one does. But now in a time

ripe for real change in the home tv and internet business they fell asleep at the wheel. And instead are trying to produce their own content, (I’m sorry Apple stick to what you know!) You don’t create entertainment, your job is to create the devices we want said content on. No one wants car pool kariokie. It was a fad, that overstayed its welcome. And yes as I’ve said before we are in the ‘content era’ so buy up the content creators that are better than you at creating the content you need. Example Disney. Can you imangie Apple not only in control of Hbo, Cnn and a host of other tv providers but also the internet? I can, internet that’s half the cost of the competition, and just as good if not better. Remember what Apple did to the music industry?

Cable providers do, and that’s got them scared, and what’s scary for them can be excellent for us, so let’s hope that since the Time Warner/ATT deal fell through that maybe just maybe, Apple will wake up and go for what they really need, then we’ll see real upheaval something sorely needed, in a business with yesterday’s thinking.

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