Dc and Warner Bros attempt to shove an entire universe down your throat.

DC’s push into their own CU, could have been a lucrative time for the comic company. Bringing in billions, (which it has) and acclaim (which it hasn’t) for years to come creating a movie universe rivaling Marvel’s.

But sadly it hasn’t. Instead of taking their time, leading into Justice league we got a half assed attempt to catch up to Marvel. Which never and still doesn’t make any sense. Because if it was about money capitalizing on the superhero phenomenon then they certainly didn’t look ahead. 1, that money wasn’t going anywhere. Because every one that watched the Marvel movies and even the Marvel fan boys would have ponyed up to see these movies. 2, even if let’s say audiences were fatigued from the constant superhero movies. DC would have injected that excitement again. Mainstream audiences have a more emotional attachment to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Where let’s say Iron Man only became mainstream when the 2008 movie dropped. Because let’s be real, a small percentage of people outside comic book readers knew who Iron Man was while many across the world knew Superman and Batman.

Case in point my mother, the last movie she saw after seeing the Force Awakens was Batman vs Superman and before those two movie’s she saw Alien 3 with me! Lol all I’m trying to say is this, The money wasn’t going any where it was always going to be there, all dc had to do was take their time, hire directors who knew the source material and could execute it correctly. But no, all we got was a rush job with bull shit cameos to establish characters who deserved more than that. And that’s a shame. The worlds that were created in Dc deserves more than that, the creators and most of all the fans who dedicated their lives to these massive worlds demand that. Marvel and Dc have been copying each other for decades. Why stop now? Dc should have ran with the template Marvel laid out and forged their own story. It was so simple and yet squandered. Hopefully lessons are learned with the reboot just announced. So as we wait for the ‘real’ DC CU, all we have are our imaginations to tide us over until DC and Warner get it together and I hope they do because I for one, love Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, And it’s nothing short of a disappointment that these awesome characters didn’t get the movies we all deserve.

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